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Have you ever thought about how much of an impact bees truly make in our everyday lives?

With a simple Google search you will find out that bees are responsible for about 1/3 of the crops we eat and pollinating flowers but also herbs, fruit trees and a variety vegetables.

But with all the news articles and reports about bees, it can be hard to distinguish what is or isn’t reliable, and what kind of advice you should follow when it comes to bees.

You may have questions like, “how common are the African killer bees in Texas and can they hurt my children or me?” Or “are surrounding cell phone towers bad for bees?”

And “What should I do when I have a hive of bees in the walls of my home?”

Now we aren’t scientists but we certainly can help out with the last question.

We are your local beehive removal specialists. We offer all kinds of options for bee control to accommodate to your unique bee problem.

Our bee removal specialists are each trained and licensed, bonded to dobee removal the right way. 

Our beekeepers are also skilled carpenters. This is necessary because, the only way to properly remove a hive from a structure is to disassemble it. Our specialists then can get to spaces behind siding, soffits, roof shingles, or wherever else the hive is located and remove that hive.

But not every beehive can be rescued. Beehives that are located in a structure where we are not able to get to safely will unfortunately be exterminated.

Bee Removal Houston  will never risk the safety of our clients and specialists over the lives of bees.

Our technicians also have to think about the safety of other bees. Bee pests and diseases like American wax moths, varroa mites, chalk brood and foulbrood diseases are highly contagious. There is the danger of causing a bee epidemic if our specialists do not exterminate these bees.

But extermination will always be plan bee.

Bees are beneficial insects; they pollinate plants such as flowers and crops. By including bee conscious habits like starting an herb garden, installing a bee fountain during the summer and by choosing us to help you in safely removing your live bees can help the bees in their fight for survival.

By choosing Bee Removal Houston  you choose to be on the bees side.

Our technicians are trained to work with the complicated and dangerous situations that can sometimes be created by bees. Call us today at (281) 968-3006;to schedule an inspection of your property or bee removal.

Bee Removal Houston

Bee Removal Houston


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